Som del av prosjektet om de som arbeidet i Regjeringskvartalet, skal Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress (NKVTS) studere hvordan somatisk helse, arbeidsmiljø samspiller og påvirker psykisk helse etter en så ekstrem belastning som bomben i Regjeringskvartalet. Prosjektet er støttet av Forskningsrådets Psykisk helse-program. Prosjektleder er Trond Heir, og NKVTS samarbeider med Statens arbeidsmiljøinstitutt (STAMI) og Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Fra den engelske prosjektbeskrivelse:


Psychological reactions in the aftermath of traumatic events are documented in numerous studies. Less is known about how extreme events affect workplace environments and how factors in the work environment interact with our psychological and somatic health. The present study will therefore examine employees’ mental health in relation to work environment factors, somatic health and work participation in relation to the bombing of the Norwegian ministries in July 2011, utilizing a longitudinal design.


The overall objective of the project is to explore conditions that promote or inhibit satisfactory mental health as well as high levels of work participation by obtaining new research-based knowledge concerning psychosocial aftereffects of trauma.


Data have already been collected using web-based questionnaires during the spring of 2012. The next wave of data collection will be performed during the spring of 2013 and again in 2014. A specifically unique aspect of the present study will be its prospective, longitudinal design, including baseline data collected for 3 ministries by the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH/STAMI) prior to the attack.

Scientific importance

The present study represents a unique opportunity to gain new insights into an extreme situation in which the interaction between mental health, work environment factors and work participation can be studied. We believe that findings from this project will have important implications for mental health research, especially within the field of psychotraumatology and occupational mental health.