Prosjektet er finansiert av Forskningsrådets SAMRISK-program. Omtale fra prosjektbeskrivelsen:

The NEXUS project studies the way organizational culture and cultural dynamics influence on collaboration, risk communication and action capacity between public agencies involved with creating and maintaining societal safety. These are topics that are described as the main challenges to societal safety and emergency preparedness in Norway.

We ask: To which extent and in what way have the general lessons from the 22.07 terror acts been translated into concrete measures that increase the level of societal safety and emergency preparedness?

This is operationalized in the following research questions:

  • How has public agencies at different levels translated the lessons from the 22.07 commission into concrete safety measures? Are fundamental challenges addressed, or are symbolic actions prioritized?
  • How has these measures (if any) been implemented? Which agencies or actors are perceived as the driving forces in making sure measures are actually implemented?
  • How does cultural traits and cultural dynamics influence on the exchange of information, coordination, collaboration between different actors involved in creating and maintaining societal safety?
  • Have the lessons from 22.07 involved cultural changes in public agencies involved in creating societal safety and emergency preparedness.
  • Do the actors involved have a differentiated or an integrated understanding of risk?
  • What are the framework conditions (e.g. incentive structures, division of labour and responsibility) facilitating or hindering collaboration, action capacity and risk communication between the actors involved in creating societal safety and emerganecy preparedness?
  • What are the most important measures that can be suggested to improve exchange of information, coordination and collaboration between different public agencies?

These research questions will be answered by a broad interview study (100 informants) covering public agencies, emergency preparedness and crisis management personnel.