Prosjektet er finansiert av Forskningsrådets SAMRISK-program. Omtale fra prosjektbeskrivelsen:

We examine the extent to which large scale, deliberate and malicious actions affect stocks of social capital and, in turn, societal resilience and robustness. The 22nd July terror and its aftermath is a natural pivotal point for this endeavor. However, the proposed project is a truly comparative effort addressing core issues in the international literature on terror, social capital and societal resilience with a team of renowned international experts. We place the impact of the 2011 attacks in Norway in a larger context by comparing with similar incidents in other countries. We also investigate the social capital impact of other intentional, disruptive acts. We propose a comparative, longitudinal, multi-dimensional and methodologically diversified project.

Variations in institutional context as well as recent experiences greatly affect levels of fear, stocks of social capital and societal resilience. This calls for a comparative approach. Our project will examine countries with varying levels of trust and confidence in institutions and varying experiences with terror. In addition to Norway, we will collect comparable survey data from Finland, USA and Spain.

Our longitudinal design enables us to examine causal effects of the 22nd July attacks as well as to differentiate between short term convulsions and long term, lasting effects. We dispose over unique data which allows us to follow the same individuals over a three-year period. The first observation point is three months prior to the 2011 terrorism. Our multi-dimensional approach acknowledges that disruptive shocks may affect some dimensions of social capital while leaving others unchanged, and different types of social capital have different implications for societal resilience. The project also investigates how social media in disseminating, framing and reinforcing public reactions. The project is methodologically diversified in employing panel analysis, survey experiments and qualitative interviews.

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