In the Norwegian Local Elections of 2011, 64.5 percent of eligible voters turned out to vote; an increase of less than 3 percentage points since the previous election in 2007. This was seen as a disappointing outcome for those who expected turnout to increase dramatically in the wake of the July 22 terrorist attacks. This article takes a closer look at a group of voters whom there is reason to believe was especially affected by the terrorist attacks: the young. We find that the election mobilized young voters. We argue that the terrorist attacks as well as a trial in some municipalities with a reduced voting age to 16 led to the positive trend in youth turnout. We further find that turnout varies between age cohorts. The age group that for the most part are high school students (16 through 18) have relatively high turnout, and there is a sharp drop in turnout among those in their early twenties. Turnout then rises with age in the subsequent age cohorts.

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Bergh, J & Ødegård G (2013): Ungdomsvalget 2011, Norsk statsvitenskaplig tidsskrift, vol 29, no 1.