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How can I report suspicion of research misconduct?

If you intend to report suspicion of research misconduct, this will in principle be a local responsibility. Different institutions follow different practices regarding whom the report should be submitted to. Check your institution's web pages.

Reporting forms

Report to the National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct – suspicion of research misconduct

If you are in doubt or need to discuss the issue with someone, you are welcome to call Torkild Vinther, head of the secretariat of the National Commission, tel. 0047 23 31 83 24. You may remain anonymous if you so wish.

You can also submit a report directly to the National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct. As a whistleblower you are protected by the relevant provisions in the Working Environment Act.

Read more about misconduct and plagiarism in the Research Ethics Library (FBIB)

What must be attached?

See information in the form.

How much can I write/attach?

It is essential not to exceed one page when describing your suspicion on the form (normal font size). Further documentation can be attached, in conformity with the required list of attachments.

What if I have further questions?

Contact the secretariat by email or telephone.

When will I receive an answer?

You will be notified when your report has been received, and you will be informed about the date by which the report can be expected to be processed.

Will I have an opportunity to submit supplementary documentation?

All necessary documentation should preferably be submitted with the reporting form. However, you will be able to submit supplementary documentation, for example items that were unavailable at the time of the initial submission. However, supplementary documentation must be received in reasonable time ahead of the expected processing of the matter at a meeting of the National Commission. Any documents forwarded must be marked with the case number that you received from us with the confirmation of receipt of your enquiry.

Might the National Commission request further documentation?

Yes, this may happen a) after receipt of a notification (for example if the reporting form is incomplete or if there is any ambiguity regarding the nature of the suspicion) or b) after the initial processing of the complaint by the commission.
When can I expect a definitive answer regarding the outcome of the processing? As soon as possible after having processed the case at a meeting, the National Commission will inform you of its decision or the further steps to be taken.

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