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About the coordination effort

In order to protect those affected by the terrorist attacks in Norway in July 2011 in the subsequent research, the Norwegian Ministry of Health decided to establish a national coordinating function. The task was given to the secretariat of the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees,

Nils Olav Refsdal was appointed coordinator in August 2012. A coordinating group of key stakeholders representing the research community, financieers, state and municipal authorities and the affected parties themselves has also been appointed. The group is chaired by The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The primary objective is to safeguard the interests of those affected by the attacks. The mandate is limited to research where the survivors, the bereaved and their close friends and families as well as personell and volunteers are involved in the research directly. The tasks are:

  • Monitoring the load on the informant group
  • Maintaining an overview of ongoing and planned research activities
  • Contributing to the exchange of information between researchers
  • Building networks and creating meeting places

We promote joint data collection and data sharing and work to prevent overlapping research. We also work to make key data sets available for future research in a way that is consistent with a high standard for research ethics. We try to increase the awareness and impact of the research through breakfast seminars aimed at the public. In addition, we host a network for PhD-students researching the attacks in order to facilite cooperation and information sharing as well as ethical reflection. We also hope to help build lasting relationships between research talent across fields.

Article about the coordination effort in the European Journal of Pyschotraumatology.

About the terrorist attacks in Norway in July 2011

Contact: Nils Olav Refsdal, coordinator: Nils.Olav.Refsdal@helsedir.no, phone: +47 40 84 02 93

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