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Projects not in contact with the affected parties

This is an overview of other projects researching the terrorist attacks and their consequences. The list includes both large and small projects and projects focussing primarily on the attacks as well as projects where the incident is one of several cases being explored.

Negotiating Values: Collective Identities and Resilience after 22/7 (NECORE)
The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Henrik Syse

Disruption, Social Capital and Resilience: A Longitudinal and Comparative Approach
Institute for social research, Dag Wollebæk

The next disaster. Collaboration, risk communication and action capacity in Norway after the 22.07 terror
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Eirik Albrechtsen

22.7 and the Negotiation of Memory
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of History and Classical Studies, Tor Einar Fagerland.

Critical events, meaning making and values - Analysis of the messages and drawings placed in the Oslo Cathedral Square
Hedmark University College, Sidsel Lied

Reassembling Democracy: Ritual as Cultural Resource (REDO)
University of Oslo, Faculty of Theology, Jone Salomonsen

Online debate following 22 July
University of Oslo, Department of Media and Communications, Anders Sundnes Løvlie.

Cases in the Norwegian Press Complaints Commission after the media coverage of the terrorist attacks
University of Oslo, Department of Media and Communications, Maria Utheim.

Public security and preparedness after the 2011 terrorist attacks
University of Bergen, Department of Administration and Organization Theory, Lise Hellebø Rykkja. Part of COCOPS - Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector.

The Archive in Motion - case study on archiving after the terrorist attack
National Library of Norway, Yngvil Beyer

The Potential for Violence in Far-right Groups in Europe
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Jacob Ravndal

Freedom of speech and the public discourse on Islam after the terrorist attacks
University of Tromsø, Department of Philosophy, Jonas Jakobsen

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