There are pressing research ethical challenges with some aspects of openness in science. The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees is hosting an open meeting on open science on the 28th of February to discuss some of these issues.

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky at the University of Bristol is one of the contributors to the meeting.His talk is titled: Being open but not naked: Balancing transparency with resilience in science.

Associate professor Ana Delgado at the University of Oslo will be speaking on the moral economy of digital infrastructures, and Senior Legal Advisor Grete Alhaug with The Norwegian Data Protetction Authority will speak on openness and data protection.

Ragnhild Ørstavik, Assistant Editor in Chief at The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association will speak about openness in Publishing and Peer review.

The Dutch acting group Het Acteursgenootschap will join us from The Netherlands to show "The ConScience App", a play written to address some of the struggles researchers face in their carreers that might compromise research integrity.

See the full program and sign up (free but limited seating).