The research project RINO (Research Integrity in Norway), is a collaboration between the University of Bergen, the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The project has recently completed a national survey of scientific misconduct and questionable research practices within the universities, university colleges and research institutes.

The aim of the survey is to map the extent of, attitudes towards and knowledge of scientific misconduct and questionable research practices. The survey, which will be supplemented by qualitative research, also seeks insight into how different institutions promote research integrity and what systemic conditions can help strengthen the work on research ethics at the institutions.

June 18, we present Interim Report 1 from the survey. The report contains a summary of the answers to the 12 different practices we have investigated, such as the number admitting plagiarism or falsification in research, and attitudes towards so-called gift authorship. In addition, we present findings from questions about education in research ethics, knowledge of ethical guidelines and knowledge of routines for reporting suspicions of misconduct. Representatives from the research institutions will comment on the survey and the findings, and thereafter we will open for questions and discussion.

Representatives of the press can arrange additional interviews with representatives from the RINO working group following the meeting. This can be scheduled by contacting (no later than 17 June).

Sign up for the meeting (the meeting will be in Norwegian, and so is the sign up form. For questions please send and e-mail to


Research integrity in Norway,Presentation of Interim Report 1
At the University of Oslo, June 18 2018.


9:00: Welcome and presentation of Interim Report 1, Matthias Kaiser and Johannes Hjellbrekke, University of Bergen (UiB)

9:30: Comments by Åse Gornitzka, Vice-Rector for Research and Internationalization at the University of Oslo (UiO)

9:45: Comments by Berit Rokne, Rector at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)

10:00: Comments by Agnes Landstad, General Manager of Research Institute's Common Area (FFA)

10:15: Panel debate and questions. The chair is Nina Kristiansen, editor in chief at the online science news service

11:00: Lunch and mingling

11:30: End