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News from the committees, and general news on research ethics and integrity.

  • Open meeting on open science

    There are pressing research ethical challenges with some aspects of openness in science. The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees is hosting an open meeting on open science in the end of February. Most of the meeting will be in English.

  • The Research Ethics Library – new online resource for research ethics education

    The Research Ethics Library is an online resource for research ethics education. This web-based collection offers more than 80 articles written by experts on all subject areas. The library is unique in terms of its broad approach to research ethics.

  • Questioning the ethics in petroleum research

    “Universities and research institutions should carry out a thorough review of their petroleum research activities,” says chair of ethics committee.

  • Norwegian research gets its Code of ethics

    It is first and foremost meant to be advisory, but failure to comply with several of the guidelines may violate other laws and regulations.

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