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At the request of the University of Agder, the National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct has reviewed a case of possible research misconduct associated with a researcher formerly employed at the institution. The case involved the researcher's publication volume. In its statement, the Commission reviews various factors that may explain the publication volume. The Commission notes that it has been impossible to clarify the facts regarding co-authorship for the majority of the researcher's publications without the researcher's cooperation, and the researcher has declined to contribute to the investigation. Norms of research ethics that require transparency as to the identity of those who have contributed to the research effort have not been complied with, and the Commission criticises the researcher regarding this charge. In general, the Commission concludes that the researcher is not guilty of research misconduct as defined by the Research Ethics Act. The Commission criticises the University of Agder for its handling of the case and makes recommendations for further work on research ethics at the institution. Finally, the Commission criticises the administration of the national publication indicator, and recommends that the Ministry of Education and Research undertake a review of the indicator in collaboration with the research institutions and other key stakeholders in light of the lessons learned from this case.