This anthology adresses ethical challenges that arise within the field of Internet research. Among the issues discussed in the book are the following:

  • When is voluntary consent from research subjects required in using the Internet as a data source?
  • How many researchers secure the privacy of research subjects in a landscape where the traditions public/private distinction is blurred and re-identification is a recurring threat?
  • What are the central ethocal and legal aspects of Internet research for individuals, groups, and society?

Internet Research Ethics will be the first book to be published open access by a norwegian academic publisher (Cappelen Damm Akademisk).


Consent and information – ethical considerations when conducting research on social media
Dag Elgesem

Possibilities and limitations of Internet research: A legal framework
Katrine Utaaker Segadal

New selves, new research ethics?
Charles Ess

Researching social media: Confidentiality, anonymity and reconstructing online practices
Marika Lüders

Counting children. On research methodology, ethics and policy development
Elisabeth Staksrud

Social research and Big Data – the tension between opportunities and realities
Kari Steen-Johnsen and Bernard Enjolras

Studying Big Data – ethical and methodological considerations
Anders Olof Larsson

Big Data – big trouble? Meanderings in an uncharted ethical landscape
Robindra Prabhu