The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board is an independent body consisting of 15 members appointed by the Norwegian government. Each member has a background and/or education which makes him/her competent to discuss questions regarding modern biotechnology. The main tasks of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board is to evaluate the social and ethical consequences of modern biotechnology and to discuss usage which promotes sustainable development.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority protects the right to privacy and strives to prevent misuse of personal data.

Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) is one of the largest archives for research data of its kind and provides data to researchers and students in Norway and abroad. Additionally, NSD is a resource centre, which assists researchers with regard to data gathering, data analysis, and issues of methodology, privacy and research ethics. The main objective is to improve possibilities and working conditions for empirical research that is primarily dependent on the access to data. To fulfil this objective NSD works to reduce financial, technical, legal and administrative barriers between users and data resources.

The Council for Animal Ethics is an independent advisory body appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs. The council for animal ethics will:
1) Stay informed and evaluate fundamental ethical aspects of all types of animal husbandry and utilisation of animals, including relations to wild animals.
2) Assess the use of direct and indirect biotechnological principals on animals.
3) Consider ethical aspects of modern breeding and animal husbandry, including conservation of genetic diversity and considerations for biological resources in the wild. 4) Examine the need for altering existing regulations and public administration practices within animal welfare, and advice the Authorities on these matters.
5) Contribute to a running discussion in society about animal ethics, and work to influence the public's attitudes.

The Norwegian Board of Technology is an independent body for technology assessment established by the Norwegian Government in 1999, following an initiative by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget). The Board explores societal impacts and options of technology and science; stimulates public debate on technology; and advises the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) and other governmental bodies on technological issues.