12 Researchers must proceed with due care and respect animal welfare when preparing and conducting experiments involving animals. Researchers must justify the necessity of the experiment to the responsible supervisory authorities.

This means that:

a) researchers must consider carefully all aspects of the three 'R's of experiments on animals (reduce, refine, replace)

b) researchers cooperate with the responsible supervisory authorities and wait to conduct research that involves laboratory animals until consent has been given

c) researchers cooperate with the responsible supervisory authorities and comply with current legislation and guidelines and apply best practice when using laboratory animals

13 Researchers must arrange their research in such a way that the use of the research results is not in conflict with fundamental animal welfare requirements.

Research on the breeding of livestock, whether the methods involved are traditional selective breeding or biotechnological, must not compromise animal welfare. In rare cases, periodical exemptions may be justified on the grounds that the animals fulfil an important veterinary or human medicine function.

[5] Animal welfare interests in experiments involving animals are also regulated in the legislation in the Regulations relating to the use of animals in research (Forskrift om bruk av dyr i forsøk).