17 Research institutions and the researchers involved must ensure openness and scientific quality in commissioned research.

This means that:

a) the research institution and the project manager have overall responsibility for the choice of method, data acquisition, interpretation of findings, and reporting

b) research must be based on the greatest possible openness

c) research findings must be made available to other researchers

d) the research institution and project manager are responsible for ensuring that the research results are made public on the expiry of an agreed, limited-time exclusive right of use by the funder

e) An exclusive right to use research should not be granted for an unlimited period of time

18 Research institutions and the individual researcher must ensure openness about possible conflicts of interest.

Researchers associated with, for example, political or religious interests, and researchers who undertake assignments for the business sector or the authorities, may create uncertainty surrounding the research results. On the other hand, openness about the different roles and other external connections researchers might have, may create a greater sense of confidence that the research results are independent and reliable.

This means that

a) researchers must disclose information about relevant economic relations

b) researchers must disclose relevant positions and other work in political, religious, or other value-based associations that could potentially influence their research

c) in the event of a potential conflict between different roles, a researcher must make it clear whether he or she is speaking as a researcher or in a different capacity