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  1. Methods and approaches

    Methods and approaches

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  2. Qualitative methods

    Qualitative methods Ethical considerations play a role in all types of qualitative studies, i.e. studies that focus on meaning and content, as opposed to breadth and scope, as in quantitative studies. Data collection Interviews Questionnaire

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  3. Methods for ethical assessment

    Methods for ethical assessment When an ethical assessment is made, a method is invariably applied, explicitly or implicitly. In some cases, such as when public committees undertake ethical assessments, it is crucial to thoroughly consider the

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  4. Deception research

    Deception research Deception research is an ethical dilemma in itself. Deception in research entails that participants are not fully informed of the purpose of the study. Valuable insight can also be obtained in this way into factors which would

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  5. Quantitative methods

    Quantitative methods Can the numerous rules and principles of quantitative research methodology provide any guarantee of credibility with regard to ethics? Competence in research ethics must include insight into academic issues as well as research

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  6. Biometrics

    Biometrics Biometrics is the automised recognition and identification of humans. Biometric technologies include fingerprint, face, iris, gait, and palm print recognition. In the future, we will probably see more widespread use of DNA, and

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  7. Questionnaire surveys

    Questionnaire surveys Questionnaire surveys (interview surveys, surveys, opinion polls) are without doubt the most widely used data collection method in the social sciences. In quantitative surveys, the same questions are presented to a relatively

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