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  1. Aasen (2000)

    Aasen (2000) Aasen, H. Sinding (2000). Pasientens rett til selvbestemmelse ved medisinsk behandling. Bergen: Kunnskapsforlaget

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Aasen (2000)/

  2. Adesman (2009)

    Adesman, A. (2009). Babyfacts: The truth about your child's health, from newborn through preschool. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Adesman (2009)/

  3. AMS 2005

    American Mathematical Society (AMS) 2005. “Ethical Guidelines” http://www.ams.org/about-us/governance/policy-statements/sec-ethics (downloaded 11.11.2015)

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/AMS 2005/

  4. Anderson JA, Weijer C. (2002)

    Anderson, JA and C. Weijer (2002),”The Research Subject as Wage Earner”. Theoretical Medicine 23: 359-376

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Anderson JA, Weijer C. (2002)/

  5. APA (1982-2014)

    APA (1982-2014) American Psychological Assosiatation: Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (From 1982 to 2014)

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/APA (1982-2014)/

  6. Ariansen (1992)

    Ariansen (1992) Ariansen, P. (1992). Miljøfilosofi. En innføring. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget

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  7. ASA 1999

    American Statistical Association (ASA) 1999. “Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice”   http://www.amstat.org/committees/ethics/index.html (downloaded 11.11.2015)

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/ASA 1999/

  8. Aubert (1982)

    Aubert (1982) Aubert, Vilhelm (1982, orig. 1969) The Hidden Society, New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction

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  9. Barad (2009)

    Barad, Karen (2009): Meeting the universe halfway: Quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning. Durham: Duke University Press

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Barad (2009)/

  10. Baskin & Gross (2011)

    Baskin & Gross (2011) Baskin PK, Gross RA. Honorary and ghost authorship. BMJ 2011;343:d6223.

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  11. Beder (1998)

    Beder, S. 1998, The new engineer – Management and professional responsibility in a changing world, Macmillan education Australia: South Yarra

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  12. Berlung, N., Olof, J. and Edman, A. (2003)

    Berlung, N., Olof, J. and Edman, A. (2003) Berlung, N., Olof, J. and Edman, A. (2003). Family intervention in schizophrenia. Impact on family burden and attitude. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 38, 116-121.

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Berlung, N., Olof, J. and Edman, A. (2003)/

  13. Bernard (1865)

    Bernard (1865) Bernard, C. (1865). Introduction à l’étude de la mèdecine expèrimentale. Paris: Bailliere. Translated to English in 1927, republished in 1957 with the title An introduction to the study of experimental medicine.

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Bernard (1865)/

  14. Bioteknologinemnda (2003)

    Bioteknologinemnda: Biopatenter og EU’s patentdirektiv, rapport, 2003

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Bioteknologinemnda (2003)/

  15. Bioteknologinemnda (2004)

    Bioteknologinemnda: Biopatenter og EU’s patentdirektiv, rapport, 2004

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Bioteknologinemnda (2004)/

  16. Bond (2004)

    Bond (2004) Bond, T. (2004). Ethical guidelines for researching counselling and psychotherapy. Counseling and Psychotherapy Research 4(2), 10-19

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Bond (2004)/

  17. Bossuyt et. al. (2003)

    Bossuyt et. al. (2003) Bossuyt PM, Reitsma JB, Bruns DE, Gatsonis CA, Glasziou PP, Irwig LM, Lijmer JG, Moher D, Rennie D, de Vet HC. Towards complete and accurate reporting of studies of diagnostic accuracy: the STARD initiative. BMJ.

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Bossuyt et. al. (2003)/

  18. Carson (1962)

    Carson, R. (1962). Silent spring. New York: Houghton Lifflin. Published in 2000 with a new introduction by P. Matthiessen. London: Folio Society

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Carson (1962)/

  19. Casarett D (2015)

    Casarett D. Ethical issues in palliative care research. In: Cherny NI, Fallon MT, Kaasa S et al., editors. Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2015:1194-97

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Casarett D (2015)/

  20. Christoffersen SA (1999)

    Christoffersen SA (1999) Christoffersen SA. (1999). "Xenotransplantasjon". Tidsskrift for Den norske lægeforening 1999; 119: 4160.

    /The Research Ethics Library/Resources/Christoffersen SA (1999)/

  21. Sønderland, Kari

    Kari Sønderland Director General, The Department of Health Legislation

    /Sønderland, Kari/

  22. Tennøe, Tore

    Tore Tennøe Director, The Norwegian Board of Technology.

    /Tennøe, Tore/

  23. Vinther, Torkild

    Torkild Vinther Director, The National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct Email: torkild.vinther@etikkom.no

    /Vinther, Torkild/

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  25. 2016

    News - 2016

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