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  1. Backe-Hansen (2002)

    Backe-Hansen, E. (2002). Barns deltakelse i spørreskjemaundersøkelse sett i forhold til generelle, forskningsetiske krav. In:

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  2. Quick guide to course design

    Quick guide to course design Do you teach research ethics? Here is a brief overview of relevant topics and ... following topics might also be relevant to include in the course: Barn i forskning [Children in research] - in Norwegian only Cross-cultural

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  3. B) Respect for individuals

    Archives Act. [24] The National Research Ethics Committees, Barn i forskning. Etiske dimensjoner [Children in research. Ethical ... [25] The Consumer Ombudsman and the Data Protection Authority, Barn og unges personopplysninger: Veiledning for innhenting og bruk

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