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    The Norwegian National Committees for Research Ethics


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    Ethical guidelines for research

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  5. WCRI2017

    WCRI 2017: «Today's discussions unimaginable 20 years ago» Ten years after the first World Conference on research integrity, the field has taken quite a leap forward, says Maura Hiney. Dr. Hiney, Head of Post-Award and Evaluation


  6. Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

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  7. Årsrapporter

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  8. Alfsen, Knut

    Knut Alfsen Senior Researcher, CICERO Phone: 22 85 85 69 / 92 03 34 66 E-mail: knut.alfsen@cicero.oslo.no Read more on the CICERO website

    /Alfsen, Knut/

  9. Alver, Bente Gullveig

    Bente Gullveig Alver Professor Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, University of Bergen

    /Alver, Bente Gullveig/

  10. Bakken, Kjersti

    Kjersti Bakken Department of Community Medicine, UIT, The Artcic University of Norway  Phone: (+47) 776 46434  E-mail: kjersti.bakken@uit.no Home page, UIT

    /Bakken, Kjersti/

  11. Befring, Edvard

    Edvard Befring Professor - Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo

    /Befring, Edvard/

  12. Annette Birkeland

    Annette Birkeland Legal advisor Phone: 0047: 23 31 83 09 Email: annette.birkeland@etikkom.no

    /Annette Birkeland/

  13. Eide, Solveig Botnen

    Solveig Botnen Eide Associate Professor, University of Agder E-mail: solveig.b.eide@uia.no

    /Eide, Solveig Botnen/

  14. Ellefsen, Torunn

    Torunn Ellefsen Head of Human Relations Phone: 0047 23 31 83 06 Email: torunn.ellefsen@etikkom.no

    /Ellefsen, Torunn/

  15. Ellingsen, Karl Elling

    Karl Elling Ellingsen Professor at The Faculty of Health Education and Social Work, Sør-Trøndelag University College and leader of The National Institute on Intellectual Disability and Community (Norwegian acronym

    /Ellingsen, Karl Elling/

  16. Fangen, Katrine

    Katrine Fangen Professor

    /Fangen, Katrine/

  17. Fugelsnes, Elin

    Elin Fugelsnes Editor for the Magazine Forskningsetikk [Research ethics] E-mail: elin.fugelsnes@etikkom.no Phone: 0047 23 31 83 11

    /Fugelsnes, Elin/

  18. Førde, Reidun

    Reidun Førde Professor - Centre for Medical Ethics, University of Oslo

    /Førde, Reidun/

  19. Gulbrandsen, Elisabeth

    Elisabeth Gulbrandsen Special adviser, Ethics, society and biotechnology (ELSA), The Research Council of Norway

    /Gulbrandsen, Elisabeth/

  20. Kjølberg, Kamilla

    Kamilla Kjølberg Former researcher at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

    /Kjølberg, Kamilla/

  21. Langtvedt, Nils Jørgen

    Nils Jørgen Langtvedt Legal advisor Phone: + 47 23 31 83 22

    /Langtvedt, Nils Jørgen/

  22. Loge, Jon Håvard

    Jon Håvard Loge Leader for the competence centre for palliative care, Oslo University Hospital and Professor II - Dept. of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, University of Oslo. Email j.h.loge@medisin.uio.no

    /Loge, Jon Håvard/

  23. Longva, Leif

    Leif Longva University librarian, Culture and Social Sciences Library, The Arctic University of Norway

    /Longva, Leif/

  24. Magnus, Per

    Per Magnus Head of Division, Professor, dr.med. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

    /Magnus, Per/

  25. Nagel, Anne-Hilde

    Anne-Hilde Nagel Professor, History. Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion E-mail: Anne-Hilde.Nagel@uib.no

    /Nagel, Anne-Hilde/