These guidelines for research ethics were drawn up by The National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT) in 2005, and were revised in 2007 following a consultative process.

The guidelines are supplementary to existing international guidelines for research ethics. They address themselves to the individual researchers and are meant to clarify ethical obligations and rights.

Bodies of research bear for their part an obligation to ensure that the guidelines are implemented and adhered to within their research environments, and that the guidelines are routinely imparted to employees and students.

The institutions must also accommodate ethical research practice, and they should have in place mechanisms, and potentially their own guidelines, that can address and resolve possible conflicts and dilemmas pertaining to research ethics.

These guidelines provide comprehensive ethical guidance in addition to the Research Ethics Law; the guidelines deal with ethical aspects and ethical responsibility, while the law deals with legal responsibility.

In inter-disciplinary projects that include for example human medicine or the social sciences, the guidelines for research ethics that pertain to these areas must also be followed.