When: October 29th 2009 12.30-16.00 p.m.
Where: Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi, Drammensveien 78, Oslo

12.30 Welcome address
Deborah Oughton, NENT and Camilla Schreiner, Teknologirådet

12.40 Towards Cognitive Enhancement for healthy adults
John Harris, Professor of Bioethics, University of Manchester

13.20 What do we know that allows us to interfere? And what don’t we know that forbids us?
Steven Rose, Emeritus Professor of Biology and Neurobiology, Open University, Milton Keynes

14.00 Break and refreshments

14.30 Comments and reflections
Holger Ursin, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Bergen

14.45 Conversation with the audience
Moderator: Matthias Kaiser, NENT

Keynote speakers:

John Harris takes a consequentialist approach to bioethics. This has made him a leading defender of the rights of the individual to take choices over medical services and technologies. His contributions in Nature and the BMJ raised the debate over cognitive enhancement.

Steven Rose’s research focuses on the neurobiology of learning and memory, as well as treatments for Alzheimer. Acclaimed author of several books, including “The 21st-century Brain”, he argues against reductionism and quick fixes to brain function.

Holger Ursin has contributed strongly to medicine and public debate. His main research interests are stress and subjective health problems, as well as coping strategies and responses.

To attend this open meeting, register by email, or by phone 23 31 83 00 by Oct 22nd 09. The meeting will be in English.

Organizers: The National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT) and Norwegian Board of Technology .