The course introduces the norms guiding medical and health care research applied to implementation of research projects in developing countries. The course discusses controversial questions of maintaining ethical standards and “standard of care”, respect for human rights, justice, exploitation and how to provide safeguards for patients and informants.

Teaching - time and place - spring 2009

The teaching will consist of a combination of online lectures and work in Fronter, an online learning platform used by the University of Oslo.

In addition to online lectures participants will be offered individual tuition for course assignments and a series of voluntary Campus seminars. Examination form is handed-in paper and succesfully completed course assignments.

Lectures and exam
Tuesday 27 January 09:00 -15:00: General introduction
Wednesday 28 January 09:00 -12:00: Introduction to Fronter
Friday 3 April 10:00 -15:00: Mid-term seminar: students' projects
Tuesday 5 May 12:00 -16:00: Exam/Essay supervision
Wednesday 3 June 09:00 -09:00: Exam/Essay deadline
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Upon completion of this course, the students will:

  • understand the central events of the development of health research ethics that influenced the ethical standards to protect research participants 
  • know the main international guidelines
  • know the ethical principles and be able to interpret and use them in research practice 
  • know the responsibility of a researcher when involving human subjects 
  • be attentive to how to include vulnerable groups in research
  • be able to discuss ethical concerns when doing research in a developing country
  • understand ways to protect human participants during the implementation of a study
  • know what is needed to gain approval from an ethical review board

The course has been designed especially for master students within international health who plan to implement research projects in their home country.

The course is also relevant for master students from approximate fields, such as anthropology, pharmacy, social science etc. It should also be relevant for sponsors and administrators of research in developing countries.

The course is also open for master students from other universities in Norway and from foreign institutions. Please observe admission requirements and procedures for international applicants.

Registration and Fee
Registration fee of 9500,- NOK which includes all registration and documentation handling and student fees. An invoice will be sent after the first seminar. Application deadline: 15th January 2009.

For registration and questions please contact The Faculty of Theology, Department of Continuing Studies (AKS), ph 22850300 or email